Property Management Systems: From A to Z (Paperback)

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Although this is the author's first book the content is derived from more than 50 years of associated business, educational and practical experience related to property management operations and systems. Dick's early and recent business experience, and education are summarized in the Authors Bio. In 1994 he opened his office and devoted full time to property management systems sales, training and support. At one point his company had a clientele of over 700 fee property managers and owner / operators using 4 different systems. In addition to the uniqueness of the author's experience associated with the book's content, it also appears the book is unique in that it appears that similar published content is a rarity. There are Property Management "How To" and College textbooks in abundance, but general Property Management systems content publications are rare to possibly non-existent. This book came about because of the lack published, generic property management systems content. Readers most likely will sense the author's interest in improving property management operations and motivating managers to truly understand and manage their systems. For the most part, the chapter subjects were derived by other property management books. The subjects however, were then presented from a systems perspective. Innovative features and technology associated with the chapter subjects are suggested order to improve productivity, reduce operating costs, increase revenue and improve the bottom line. Based on the importance of property management systems today, the lack of awareness and interest among senior management and principals in regards to their system is significant. The book encourages managers and principals to re-evaluate their systems and to apply management principles towards ongoing improvements. The improvements are acquired through expanded staff training and an ongoing commitment to implement the of advanced features and system upgrades that are most ben.

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